Afrovibes TV and Afrovibes Radio Station is a 24/7 online Radio and TV station, promoting music, culture and businesses of all nationalities and ethnicity. Though we are based in Houston, Texas, our reach is worldwide. Afrovibes TV was recently launched to bring the latest music videos, movies, and documentaries to the forefront while highlighting entrepreneurs and community leaders, events and even hosting grand openings, weddings, birthdays and events! We are proud to produce Afrovibes Original TV shows that play on our platform.

We launched Afrovibes TV channel on Roku TV, which is the #1 streaming platform in the US, reaching more than 100 million viewers. We are also on Amazon Fire TV which reaches 40 million viewers. In addition, we have a mobile app, Afrovibes TV and Radio, and is available on Apple
and Google Play Store.

Afrovibes Radio plays popular songs, shows, and interviews, reaching millions of listeners globally in 182 countries. AfroVibes TV and Radio interviews artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

And recently launched Afrovibes TV & Radio Magazine which is an additional product that we offer to businesses and entertainers. Our magazine highlights businesses and artists, displays great creative writing pieces, articles and visuals, and even showcases Afrovibes talent, consultants and partners.

It is available through our digital link, PDF and print copies, distributed to high trafficked sit-down spots like offices, and clinical waiting rooms, car wash and other business sit-down/lobby areas!

We’ve recently received an official Proclamation from the City of Houston highlighting our work in the community and we aim to continue promoting businesses and brands worldwide!


To have your business, brand or event on our TV, Radio or Afrovibes Magazine,


OR CALL US: 1-800-657-5101

Click the link to Download Our App, Check out our Websites & Social Media Pages:

​Our goals at Afrovibes TV Network is to:

  • Facilitate the sharing of information
  • Enhance the Afro – Caribbean community dialogue
  • Encourage individual and artistic expression
  • Provide a vehicle for collaboration problem-solving
  • Promote community involvement
  • Create an awareness of Afro – Caribbean local and global interests

VISION STATEMENT – At Afrovibes TV, we envision a world of opportunities that forms great relationships with partners and viewers from all around the world and in our Houston, Texas community. Afrovibes TV will expand the reach and quality of its entertainment, news, and music programming focus to reflect its mission to provide a mix of eclectic African music, culture, news, entertainment, and community affairs. We imagine a global community TV infrastructure made up of a diverse and inclusive TV programming team.

Afrovibes TV is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of community/public service through community affairs to give back to our loyal viewers locally and globally. We would like to be the reliable resource base to adequately meet the current and future demands of internet TV that our viewers can rely on.



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