Afrovibes TV is a subsidiary of Afrovibes Entertainment Group and was founded in Houston, Texas.  is a worldwide streaming platform that aims to engage, inspire, educate, and entertain viewers through eclectic mix of African and Caribbean music, culture, news, entertainment, and community affairs.

Our station acts as a forum for people and issues that enable people to share ideas, opinions, music, and drama.  And, importantly, AfroVibes TV seeks to build relationships with partners, talk show and TV hosts to serve as a communication platform for millions of our viewers.  Afrovibes Television offers you 24/7 live streaming serving our viewers worldwide across the Diaspora of African music and culture.  AfroVibes TV is currently available via Roku TV, our website, APP and Amazon fire TV/ Apple TV coming soon.

​Our goals at Afrovibes TV is to:

  • Facilitate the sharing of information
  • Enhance the Afro – Caribbean community dialogue
  • Encourage individual and artistic expression
  • Provide a vehicle for collaboration problem-solving
  • Promote community involvement
  • Create an awareness of Afro – Caribbean local and global interests


VISION STATEMENT – At Afrovibes TV, we envision a world of opportunities that forms great relationships with partners and viewers from all around the world and in our Houston, Texas community. Afrovibes TV will expand the reach and quality of its entertainment, news, and music programming focus to reflect its mission to provide a mix of eclectic African music, culture, news, entertainment, and community affairs. We imagine a global community TV infrastructure made up of a diverse and inclusive TV programming team.

Afrovibes TV is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of community/public service through community affairs to give back to our loyal viewers locally and globally. We would like to be the reliable resource base to adequately meet the current and future demands of internet TV that our viewers can rely on.



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